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Antica dolceria Bonajuto

Antica dolceria Bonajuto
1750 / i Bonajuto in Modica

With over 150 years of life, Dolceria Bonajuto is the oldest chocolate factory in Sicily still in operation and one of the oldest in Italy. The roots of the Bonajuto family sink into the social and cultural fabric of a center, "small capital" and the vital engine of Sicily: Modica, a city in which the notary Vincenzo Bonajuto speaks after his marriage to a young local woman. Son of the architect Natale Bonajuto, Vincenzo holds various administrative positions until he became a Procurator of the County at the court of Palermo.

1880 / The ideals of a great man

Multifaceted intelligence, ideal and very fine entrepreneurial intuition, the figure of Francesco Bonajuto, who will definitely change image to the company throwing the solid foundations on which still stands the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto.

In 1880 Francesco inaugurated the company "F. Bonajuto" in the Corso Umberto I of Modica, distorting the paternal activity.

Aromatherapy and haberdashery is the right place to sell music in an elegant venue. Don Ciccio, familiarity call, embodies a new figure of entrepreneur attentive to the challenges of modernity: expand the production offer, invest in staff training, buy advertising space on local newspapers, mechanize some steps of processing chocolate and refine continues production .

Thanks to the untiring activity of perfecting the product Francesco snaps his chocolate to the headlines obtaining the gold medal at the International Agricultural Industrial Exposition of Rome (1911).

But Francesco was not just a dynamic entrepreneur. Philanthropist and good-hearted, Don Ciccio welcomes a very poor family in his home who will be loved as a daughter and Rosa: Rosa Roccaro. And it is also the small Rusidda that the fate of the Bonajuto meets that of the Ruta.