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The Nebrodi black pig has very ancient origins: it is even thought that this type of breeding was already present on the island in the period of Greek and Carthaginian colonization.

Small in size and with a black coat, characteristic of Italian autochthonous pig breeds, the black pig is bred in the Nebrodi woods, one of the largest protected natural areas in Sicily and which is part of the Sicilian Apennines.

The black pig of nebrodi is born from the crossing of different breeds. Among these, the Cesarotana breed, widespread more in the territory of Cesarò and Troina. These small pigs feed on acorns, barley and bran beans and live in a wild or semi-wild state.

Despite being a very strong animal, this breed has considerably reduced the number of its animals. Of great importance is the protection of the breeding technique as well as the particularity of these special pigs, it was necessary and necessary to give birth to the Slow Food Presidium, precisely to prevent its extinction. In addition to offering high quality meats and a unique gastronomic pleasure, the loss of this breed would constitute a serious loss to the local economy.