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Azienda agricola Geraci Olive oil Extravergine D.O.P. VALLE DEL BELÌCE

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The PDO Valle del Belice Geraci is an extra virgin olive oil produced from the pressing of Nocellara del Belice alone, an excellence protected by the Protected Designation of Origin for unique and non repeatable characteristics in other territories.
Selected by Tastando for cold seasoning of legume soups, red meat dishes and grilled fish.

Pure Nocellara del Belice matures in the hills of Trapani, in the heart of the Belice Valley, where the nature of the soil is particularly suitable for olive cultivation. The olives are picked by hand at the beginning of the sending, in October, when the color begins to turn from deep green to vinous red, and cold pressed a few hours later. The extra virgin olive oil, unfiltered, is stored under nitrogen in steel silos, so as to minimize the contact with oxygen, presevardone taste and organoleptic characteristics. The bottling takes place a few weeks later, at the end of the natural decantation process.

The PDO Valle del Belice Geraci is an extra virgin olive oil with a remarkable balance, medium fruity with hints of grass, artichoke and tomato: it contains all the delicate personality of the traditional Sicilian cultivar Nocellara del Belice.

Production area: Valle del Belìce - Sicily
Altitude: 30-300 mt. s.l.m
Cultivar: Nocellara del Belice
Harvesting system: hand picking
Extraction system: cold
Natural decantation: Steel silos under the nitrogen
Acidity: average = 0.12%,
No. peroxides: medium = 3.5
Storage: Cool and dark

Appearance: slightly veiled
Density: medium-high fluidity
Organoleptic characteristics: medium fruity olive green, with hints of grass, artichoke, tomato and leaf, remarkable fragrance and freshness. Balanced, medium spicy intensity and barely perceptible bitterness.

dark bottle from lt. 0.50

Employment tips:
raw: with legumes, soups, cheeses, salads,
on meat or fish.
In cooking: in roasts, in sauces and in fish to
foil. Ideal for the pinzimomio.

Carton: 12 bottles | Carton weight: 12 kg


it may contain nuts and milk
Gluten Free:
Europe 22,00 € | USA 46,00 € | Rest of the world 46,00 €

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