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Aubergines in a carriage

by Adriana Sicilè
Aubergines in a carriage
We have all cooked mozzarella in a carriage at least once, but the recipe we want to offer you today is slightly different. As Sicilian tradition wants, from poor ingredients I can come out dishes full of flavors and aromas able to release all the scent of an archaic land. The aubergines in carriage perfectly match the smell of the sea with that of the Sicilian hinterland. Let's see the recipe together.

2 large aubergines of the violet type (Tunisian) 250 grams of sweet provola cheese 6 anchovy fillets in oil 3 whole eggs flour 00 q.b. breadcrumbs q.b. extra virgin olive oil q.b. salt
1 Cut the aubergines into regular slices half a centimeter high. 2 Form a "sandwich" with two slices of aubergine, filling with thin slices of provola cheese and a fillet of anchovies in oil (use cooked ham as an alternative to anchovies). 3 Stop everything with a toothpick. 4 Flour the "sandwich", pass it in the eggs previously beaten without salt (to avoid the separation of breading) and finally in breadcrumbs. 5 Fry in abundant hot oil at 170 °, be careful not to exceed this temperature so that the aubergines have time to cook and avoid burning the breading. 6 Fry until the bread is golden, then drain the excess oil well and dry on fried paper. Salt and serve still hot.


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