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Bread "cunzato"

by Adriana Sicilè
Bread "cunzato"

The "pani caliatu", that is biscottato, or cooked in the oven twice, was once the daily bread. In the countries and in the countryside the fresh one was almost an exception and was only available when a family made their own bread. This does not mean that fresh bread was so rare, and exchanges were a custom; those who breaded offered their still warm bread to their neighbors, nurturing and consolidating their relations of friendship and solidarity. The cunzato bread is the seasoned bread, whether fresh or dry. In Sicily it is common food, simple but wonderfully tasty. The hot bread seasoned with oil and salt is defined as well as a clove of cucciddatu (circular hard wheat bread) stuffed with every bendidio.


6 slices of caliatu bread or freselle 600 gr of piccadilly tomatoes 1 red Tropea onion 1 socket of dried oregano 2 tablespoons of sottosal capers oil salt pepper


Wet the toasted bread and crumble it into a bowl that is not too small. Pour over four generous tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and mix thoroughly. Cut the piccadilly tomatoes into four parts and add them to the wet bread, stirring again. Finely slice the onion and leave it to soak in a bowl with water and ice for 10 minutes. Drain and then add the onion to the bread and tomatoes, finishing with a generous intake of oregano and desalted capers. Season with salt and pepper and finish with 2 tablespoons of oil.


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