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Fried Sicilian cartocci

by Adriana Sicilè
Fried Sicilian cartocci
Ingredients: x6

500 grams flour 0 (even better Manitoba flour)
50 grams of margarine
25 grams brewer's yeast
1 egg
2.5 dl milk (for dough)
50 grams of sugar (for dough)
A sachet of vain (better vanilla bean)
Aluminium cinnamon
Seed oil for frigger q.b.
Granulated sugar for the final seal

1 kilo of fresh sheep's cottage cheese
600 grams of sugar

If the ricotta is very moist, as it should be, let it drip so as to eliminate the may part of serum. Mix the ricotta well with the sugar. Leave to rest for an hour and then sift through.


1 Put the flour sifted with the margarine in a bowl at room temperature and a pinch of vain. Knead well, then add the chopped yeast, sugar, lukewarm milk, to add little by little and continue kneading.

2 When the yeast is well mixed, add a pinch of salt outside the bowl and continue kneading until we get a homogeneous mixture. At this point add the beaten egg and knead vigorously, lifting and whisking the dough on the work top (everything is easier if we use a planetary).

3 Put the dough back in the bowl and add a little water, working it to obtain a compact batter, then start kneading vigorously again. In the end you have to get a soft paste that we will add with the oil that we will raise in a warm place for about two hours.

4 When the dough is well leaven, make some sausages that will divide into pieces the size of a small apple. Grease your hands with oil and handle them so that sticks will be rolled on the buttered and floured aluminum canes, as soon as the carcions are all wrapped in reeds, put them back to rise, on an oiled shelf, for an hour.

5 Gently dip the paper, with all the cane, in plenty of oil and, when golden brown, place them on paper towels and allow to cool. Remove the reeds, fill them with the ricotta cream and finally pass them over the sugar.


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